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OUR MISSION STATEMENT is to reach,teach and equip low-income individuals, families and youth , with the tools and knowledge that helps to prepare them for economic opportunities that will improve their quality of life

OUR VISION is to serve as a catalyst that will harness the power of faith communities and strategic alliances to improve and expand the quality of life.

MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: As the founder and executive director of Faith Based Community Development Corporation (FBCDC), I feel so blessed to a part of an organization that is committed to help make a profound difference in the lives of working families.

As a retired banker and a Christian, I am blessed to use my gifts and talents to help others to improve their quality of life. My faith calls me to do this work and is part of my response to a call from God, which is biblically based. We are called to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with.

Many have asked what faith are you talking about? What faith do you have to be to get help from FBCDC? My answer is easy…it is not anyone else’s faith that I’m talking about. I’m talking about my faith calling me to use my gifts and talents! My faith teaches me that faith is a verb and as such we are called use it to do something. “Faith without works is dead”. For me that something is “helping to empower working families to increase their economic capacity and provide them access to resources that can empower them to realize their dream of home ownership”.

I recognize that people hear the call of God differently. He speaks to each of us differently. He speaks to us softly and is a gentleman that does not force himself on you. We should not waste time worrying about our differences. We should focus on those things that we have in common. The common values shared by most, regardless of how they hear Gods call, are grounded in fundamental principals decency, caring for family and service for a greater good that provides opportunities to help make this world a better place. To the extent that we can join together and celebrate our common values of faith, we can harness the power of faith and allow God to use us to help bless others.

If you hear his call for you to use your gifts and talents to help make a difference that helps to improve the quality of life of others, I would like to extend the invitation for you to join with us. Come and partner with us to help make a difference. Your gifts and talents can help us to do more and make more of an impact in the lives of those that we serve.