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Purpose:   To provide information that clarifies the home buying process.

Objective: To help answer the many questions home buyers have about the home buying process.
Total classroom time: six (6) hours class conducted from 9 AM-4 PM as scheduled.

Non-classroom time:
(2) hours of follow-up and/or one on one counseling.

Expected Outcome:
With the increased knowledge of the home buying process provided
during home buyer education, those that complete the program will be more informed buyers. 
They will have an increased awareness of the roles of each partner in the process and the
responsibilities that come with home ownership.

Completion of this class may satisfy some local municipalities requirement for home buyer education as a requirement to receive down-payment assistance.

Module  1- Fair Housing Introduction.
Budgeting for the down payment, and the importance of budgeting after you purchase your home.

Module  2
- Focuses on selecting a lender, various types of mortgages, and the processes involved in securing a loan including the application and pertinent information that must be provided to the lender. This module briefly explains how qualifying criteria is evaluated by the lender. It also discusses RESPA requirements.

Module  3 - Outlines how to locate your home, and the advantages of working with the real estate agent. This module also explains the purchase contract, offers, and contingencies by pointing out the steps involved when negotiating the price.

Module  4 - Covers the steps involved in the closing process, the final step in the home buying process. It also highlights the additional responsibilities associated with home ownership, and it provides tips on performing periodic inspections and repairs to avoid major repair costs.

Module  5 - Provides an introduction to various resources designed to increase buying power.
For more information, contact Daniel Scott at fbcdc@yahoo.com.

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